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What is it?
It is a fast launcher for your Android OS, based on KISS open source project, but with some extra code optimizations, bug fixes and customizations. It's size is under 1 MB, it requires very low memory to run and it registers an extreamly low battery consumption.

How it works?
You can search the web with your default search engine or through your installed apps, contacts and settings, lightning fast. No more time spent trying to find the icon of the app you want to launch, just enter a few characters of it's name and select what to open. You don't need to see a grid of all your applications all the time or icons that just sit around doing nothing.

Need to call or message someone?

You don't need to meddle with the call logs, contacts or messages app, just enter a few letters for the name of the contact and push the "phone" or "message" button.
It becomes smarter and faster as you use it, pushing forward results you're more likely to use.
Get ready to be amazed.

If you enjoy my work, and you consider supporting my project, donations are always welcomed. You can find my donation Paypal acount on the download page too.

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